MASS Courts Weigh Dealing with Aftermath of Drug Lab Scandal

Court officials in Massachusetts have begun court sessions for 34-year old Annie Dookhan, the Massachusetts chemist who has been charged with obstruction of justice by alternating drug test results for various defendants. She has also been charged with falsifying her credentials by claiming to hold a college degree in chemistry. 

Last month, Boston’s drug lab was closed due to Dookhan’s actions. In addition, three city officials turned in their resignations in relation to the case against Dookhan. The state's health commissioner was one of the people who resigned.

In mid-October, hearings will be held for defendants that were convicted because of results of Dookhan drug testing. Motions will also be heard to suspend sentencing and for bail requests. According to officials of the court, Judge Christine McEvoy will preside over the hearings.

About twenty defendants have already been released since the lab was shutdown. Attorneys for the defendants disputed the charges against their clients due to Dookhan’s involvement with the drug testing. On July 1, State police took over the operations of the lab and say that during the past nine years Dookhan handled over 60,000 samples that involves about 34,000 defendants.

To date, state officials have identified over one thousand defendants who are presently in jail and who were incarcerated after drug testing by Dookhan. At this time, it is not certain how many of these samples were altered by Dookhan.

Robert Mulligan, a top official of the state’s trial court, said that there will be special selected court sessions held in Suffolk County to handle the large number of cases of those who were affected by Dookhan’s actions. A schedule is being put in place to handle the large volume of cases that will be heard by way of video monitor.

Jake Wark, who is a spokesman for the District Attorney’s office in Suffolk Country, revealed that his office is putting together a team to handle the upcoming cases.

Annie Dookhan has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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Find out if you have a case.

If you are a victim of the MA Drug Lab Scandal, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-420-1789 to find out if you may be eligible for compensation.
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